When I was 11, I remember coming across photos my dad had taken of me and my older brother when we were little. The photos were obviously his studio endeavor - complete with props, cute smiles and all. When I saw those photos, something in me lit up and said "that's what I want to do".?

And so it started; and it was always people that I found myself drawn to photograph. The more I did it, the more the passion for it grew on me.

I advanced from my 35mm Rollei to better equipment, but along the way I always knew it wasn't the technicality of photography that fuels my creative desires, but the ability to use it to capture that single moment; a kiss, a glance, a touch, a smile.....I do it not only for myself but my clients who often become my friends. For me, there is such meaning when people call me up and tell me that every time they look at their photos they remember exactly how they felt in that moment. To me that's the real gift.